Live a life that changes lives.

The Mission

At Damascus, we seek to awaken, empower, and equip a generation to live the adventure of the Catholic faith. We are a community of domestic missionaries, who believe in the transformative love of Jesus and who stand against the decline to bring revival to young people’s lives. We invite you to consider joining the adventure, and see what Jesus can do with a heart that is fully given. 

Our applications for the 2022-23 Missionary Year are now closed. However, if you would still like to be considered for our summer or full-time missionary program, please reach out to

The Mindsets

Our counter-cultural lifestyle is formed by five missionary mindsets that challenge us to live a life of holiness and mission – the two universal calls of the Church.

  • Jesus-Centered
  • Mission-Focused
  • Joy-Filled
  • Obedient
  • Toilet Plunger

To be Jesus-Centered is to be committed to living for Jesus and His gospel. That relationship with Jesus is the source and the center of all that we do. As missionaries, we have committed to a life that looks more like His each and every day.

To be Mission-Focused is to be radically consumed for the salvation of souls – that we would never lose sight of the war that has been waged, and that we would not stop laboring until every soul is won for Jesus and His kingdom.

A French Philosopher once said that “joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God”. To be Joy-Filled is to receive the joy that comes from a life with Christ in every moment and to lead others to that same joy.

To be Obedient is to honor the wisdom and guidance given by those in authority in your life, recognizing that the Lord speaks through others to draw us closer to sainthood!

To be a Toilet Plunger is to be willing to dive into the mess! Whether a physical mess, a hard conversation, or a scary situation, we are called to bring the light of Christ into every place. Now is the time – you are the one!

The Programs

Through our missionary programs, you will be awakened, empowered, and equipped to spread the Gospel and bring revival to the Church in America. Read below to find out more about our missionary programs!


Serve as a summer missionary with our flagship program, Catholic Youth Summer Camp. Through high adventure activities and a world-class program, help lead thousands of young people to encounter Jesus and live the adventure! Twelve weeks of service. Three unique experiences. One incredible mission.

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Our full-time missionary program seeks to raise up leaders within the Church who are equipped to live out their specific call in life as a missionary disciple. With two years of formation, including radical service, retreat ministry, and Catholic communal living, young adults are given the skills, experience, and education to succeed in any parish position, or flourish in the workforce.

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