“Come and See” Weekend

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DECEMBER 13-14th

Need a little bit more time to decide whether or not Damascus mission work is the right fit for you? That’s why we created the “Come and See” Weekend! Join us for a weekend of high-adventure fun, prayer, and discernment, and get an up-close look at what your mission year would look like.

Questions? Email mission@damascus.net.

Live a Life that Changes Lives

We are looking for passionate and prayerful young men and women to answer the call of the Gospel by serving as a full-time Damascus Missionary. Are you called to make Jesus the full measure of your life by living the adventure of your faith through radical service and Catholic communal living? Are you willing to live a life that will challenge you to become everything God has made you to be?

If so, Damascus might be right for you. Click the link below, and start your application! If you would like to learn more, keep scrolling.

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Join the Adventure

Our Missionary Program Director, Brad, explains how he found authentic adventure when he found the authentic Jesus and how this led him to invest in the place that is “investing in all of the right places.”

How will you make a return for all the Lord has done for you?

“Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure!” – St. John Paul the Great

Why Damascus?

We’re sure you have many options when it comes to what to do in this next season. So, why choose Damascus?

Here is why current and previous missionaries said “yes” to Damascus…

  • Anthony
  • Angelo
  • Alaina
  • Sheila

Anthony is a graduate of Ohio University and is in his second year at Damascus. He is a lover of travel, craft breweries, and instrumental mixtapes that he finds on YouTube. Like his search for awesome landscapes and beautiful creations, Anthony loves walking with young people who are searching for the awesome Truth and beautiful Love found in the person of Jesus.

Angelo is a second-year missionary with Damascus, and he was a recent college student who studied biology. He enjoys reading, archery, and spending time in the great outdoors. Angelo’s greatest passion is to see people encounter the Father’s love for them through Jesus Christ and His Church.

Alaina is from Westerville, Ohio, and she enjoys dancing like no one is watching and laughing without reason. In her time as a missionary, Alaina, who is now a Creative Marketing Assistant with Damascus, said that her favorite aspect of the mission was helping to bring people into the knowledge that they are seen and known by a God who loves them.

Sheila grew up in Lakewood, Ohio, and she is a graduate of The Ohio State University’s linguistics program. She enjoys playing guitar, eating veggie pizza, learning anything new, and listening to epic movie soundtracks. Her favorite aspects of being a Damascus missionary include being welcomed into the lives of campers on retreat, singing and dancing like a crazy person, and sharing the Father’s love with His children, regardless of age.

  • Mindset
  • Commitment
  • Formative Pillars
  • Schedule
  • Support Raising
  • Important Dates

Missionary Mindset

We are Jesus-Centered.
We are Mission-Focused.
We are Joy-Filled.
We are Obedient.
We are Toilet Plungers.


Full-time missionaries devote two years of their life to the mission of Damascus Catholic Mission Campus and the teachings of the Church through a devotion to daily prayer, sacramental life, communal living, and personal formation. Missionaries share community together, form bonds as brothers and sisters in Christ, and learn to answer the Lord’s call to lifelong missionary discipleship.

Each respective year, missionaries will first serve with Catholic Youth Summer Camp for roughly twelve weeks during the summer months. Then, after a post-summer break, they will return to facilitate all on-site retreats at Damascus and will help develop and heighten world-class programs, dynamic youth conferences, and parish and school outreach programs throughout the duration of their missionary year.

Formative Pillars

Formal Formation
Disciple comes from the word meaning “learner.” As disciples of Jesus Christ, our missionaries enter into an two-year formation program, focusing on identity, leadership and other key areas of living a wholistic life for the Lord. Through the 112 sessions over the course of the two-year program, missionaries  learn more about themselves, more about others, and above all, more about the Lord and His nature.

Communal Formation
Our missionary community will sharpen you. Missionaries live in men’s and women’s households that pray together, live life together, and evangelize together. Christian communal living calls you out of yourself and into radical love of Jesus and radical love of others.

Pastoral Formation
As disciples of Jesus, we are all called to disciple others and to be discipled ourselves. At Damascus, our pastoral leadership team walks with each individual missionary. Missionaries are empowered in their process and equipped to step into authentic confidence and true freedom, so that they can do the same for the young people entrusted to their care.

Missional Formation
Many Christians are afraid to take a risk for Jesus. As missionaries, you will be invited to outreach in schools and parishes and will be given opportunities for evangelization and prayer ministry in public settings.


Confessions & Mass, Missionary Staff Prayer, Missionary Formation, Department Meetings, and Household Dinner

House Prayer, School Outreach, and Local Outreach/Evangelization

Three-Day Middle School or High School Retreat

Three-Day Confirmation Retreat, Hospitality for Retreat Rentals, and/or Youth Group Participation

  • We will not have a retreat Wednesday–Sunday every week. Missionaries will be given time for recreation, community events, and/or further outreach opportunities on non-retreat days.
  • Missionary retreats, pastoral meetings and personal work time are also routine parts of the missionary schedule at Damascus.

Support Raising

A full-time missionary invites others to support them, both prayerfully and financially, in the mission of Damascus in order to cover the challenges and the expenses of a full mission-year (June–May). Financial support, made to Damascus, provides for missionary compensation, food, lodging, utilities, and a ministry-related gas/food reimbursement.

Damascus Missionaries are invited to raise personal support at one of the following levels:

  • Raise $5,000 and receive $200/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $7,500 and receive $350/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $10,000 and receive $500/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $15,000 and receive $800/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $20,000 and receive $1,200/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $25,000 and receive $1,600/month for personal expenses

On a case-by-case basis, missionaries may be eligible, upon request, for a heightened support level to provide for their unique life circumstances.

Damascus will bless support raising efforts in the following ways:

  • Provide Personal Support Raising Training
  • Provide Standard Support Raising Materials
  • Provide Tax ID (all gifts may be tax deductible for your support team)

Important Dates

October 15th – Missionary Applications Open

January 15th – Missionary Applications Close

December 11-13th; December 16-17th; January 20th; January 27th – February 1st – Options for Web-Based Interviews*

January 19th 1-6pm – First Option for On-Site Missionary Interviews

January 26th 1-6pm – Second Option for On-Site Missionary Interviews

February 2nd 1-6pm – Third Option for On-Site Missionary Interviews

February 23rd – Missionary Team Announced

March 1st – Decisions Due

March 20-22nd – Support Raising Training

March 23-24th – Support Raising Season

May 25th, 2020 – Full-Time Missionary Year Begins

May 2nd, 2021 – Full-Time Missionary Year Ends


*If possible, on-site missionary interviews are highly encouraged. Please feel free to seek counsel on the decision, if desired, by sending an e-mail to mission@damascus.net.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the year of service?

The mission year begins with support raising in late March and goes through May. The last Monday in May, all missionaries arrive at Damascus, located in Centerburg, Ohio, and they start their time on mission with roughly twelve weeks of service at Catholic Youth Summer Camp. After the post-summer break, full-time missionaries will return to Damascus to begin the fall season and, in the subsequent months, will return after a Christmas break to begin the spring season. The year of service will conclude on May 2nd, 2021.

Do I have to fundraise?

Yes. Each missionary is asked to raise support to cover their cost of living for the year. Financial support, made to Damascus, provides for missionary compensation, food, lodging, utilities, a ministry-related gas/food reimbursement, and other outreach opportunities throughout the year. In March, each missionary will go through an intensive Support Raising Training, using some of the best practical and biblically-founded methods of raising support.

How much do I need to fundraise?

Support raising goals are based on of the financial needs of each missionary, but the goal is to raise between $5,000 and $25,000. Rest assured. Our support raising team will give you the materials and the methods to confidently reach full support!

How many full-time missionaries are accepted?

This year, our goal is to have 45-60 full-time missionaries.

Where do I live?

Full-time missionaries live onsite in men’s and women’s households.

What is the age range for prospective missionaries?

Prospective missionaries must have graduated from high school by June 2020 in order to apply for the full-time missionary program.

Other questions?

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at mission@damascus.net.

Apply Now!

Applications are now OPEN, and the deadline to apply is January 15th.

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Leaning more towards being a summer missionary at Catholic Youth Summer Camp? Click here to learn more.

“Life really started for me the day that I decided to start following Jesus radically, to give up everything for Him, and to receive more than everything I thought possible, and that’s what I believe happened when I became a part of Damascus.”


“Damascus has allowed me to more fully step into my identity as a son and has empowered me to empower others through that identity. I no longer feel like I have to just work for the Lord or to just to get to heaven, but rather, I now get to bring heaven to earth.”


“Here at Damascus, I’ve been empowered to live a supernatural lifestyle. Whether we are doing retreats, leading small groups, or just going out to dinner together, we are always seeking to hear the Father’s voice for His children that He loves.”