Youth Leadership Institute

Become the leader
God is calling you to be.

Youth Leadership Institute

The Church needs young people transformed by Christ’s love to be empowered and sent out as missionary disciples in the world. The Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) will bring high school students together for monthly evenings of formation in prayer, identity, leadership, and evangelization. Led by the Damascus program team in partnership with youth ministries, YLI will be a place where high school students awakened to the reality of Christ’s love are given the tools they need to answer the call to mission and lead their peers, schools, families and parishes to Jesus.

Offered for: students in grades 8-12

Cost of registration: $95/student

Registration for the 2021-22 school year has closed.


YLI Info Flyer

Youth Leadership Institute Formation

Quarter 1 - Identity

Mission flows from knowing our identity as sons and daughters of God. In the first YLI quarter, students will be invited to understand the truth of this identity and to begin living out of our heavenly inheritance as sons and daughters. 

Teaching 1: Baptismal Identity (September 15th) 

Teaching 2: Renewal of the Mind (October 13th)

Quarter 2 - Leadership

Our call to leadership begins with learning to lead ourselves in virtue and discipline. This quarter will invite students to answer the call to greatness be becoming firmly rooted in virtue, diving into the “why” behind our call to mission, and setting dreams and goals for the future. 

Teaching 1: Start with Why (November 10th) 

Teaching 2: Character & Discipline (December 1st) 

Teaching 3: Dreams & Goals (January 12th)

Quarter 3 - Prayer

Prayer is the foundation of our life as missionary disciples – without it, nothing is possible! This quarter will give students the tools to develop a dynamic prayer life rooted in the Word and in a heart of worship and intercession. 

Teaching 1: Lectio Divina (February 9th) 

Teaching 2: Worship & Intercession (March 9th)

Quarter 4 - The New Evangelization

In the final YLI quarter, students will be equipped for a daily life on mission by growing in the understanding and practice of the gifts the Holy Spirit has given the Church for the sake of mission. 

Teaching 1: Tools for Mission Pt. 1 (May 11th) 

Teaching 2: Tools for Mission Pt. 2 (June 8th) 

Teaching 3: Daily Mission (July 13th)