Faith and Family fully ALIVE!

The adventure of faith starts at home in your family! Join us in an innovative re-envisioning of family faith-formation and encounter the love of God together!

Why family faith formation?

The church is facing a crisis of faith.  The solution starts in your home.

Authentic catechesis doesn’t just happen through a textbook.  It happens as the mind, soul, and heart are formed in a community of love – the family.

Catechesis must connect the content of the faith with personal lived experience.

It should be no surprise that home-educated youth are 7-times more likely to live their Catholic faith into adulthood.

What is ALIVE?

Damascus ALIVE is an innovative re-envisioning of family faith-formation. 

An approach to catechesis that engages the entire family through age-targeted videos, games and discussion prompts that teaches the faith in a way that is exciting and life giving!

ALIVE can be effectively used as a faith-formation program for individual families or by parishes as a supplement or alternative to traditional PSR programs.

ALIVE program offerings

  • PRAY
  • PLAY

Introducing ALIVE

Each week’s ALIVE episode includes a studio-produced 45 minute video for the family to watch and engage in together to learn more about our Catholic Faith! These episodes challenge the entire family to play, learn, pray, and discuss together!  Click the PRAY, PLAY, DISCUSS, and LEARN headings above to learn more.

ALIVE: How to pray with your family

Each segment prompts families to engage in prayer in a different way. Over time, families will learn many ways to pray together to see what works best!

ALIVE: The “theology of play”

Each ALIVE episode begins with a short and spontaneous family game and short humorous videos to engage the family in laughter and fun together!

ALIVE: Building moments for connection

Discussion breaks throughout the program allow families to engage in faith-sharing. This allows parents to guide the conversations with their children about the faith content.

Discussion questions are provided at the end of each program for families to engage in faith conversation based on the message for the week.

ALIVE: Learning the beauty of truth

Short teaching segments throughout the program make the faith come alive!

Each segment communicates a core faith teaching in an engaging way to touch the minds and hearts of those watching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more resources?

1. Parents can access our coaching videos for more clarity on how to get the most out of the ALIVE program.

2. Parents will receive a weekly preparation sheet to give an overview of that week’s content, additional resources where more information on that topic can be found, as well as optional activities to engage the family throughout the week.

Do I have to complete the content at a particular time?

The amazing thing about the ALIVE program is that it is able to fit into your family’s schedule!  You can complete the weekly program at whatever time works best for your family!

What is the cost?

Damascus ALIVE costs $100/year per family.

Do I need to register with a specific parish?

Families can register with their parish for their faith formation program


Families can register individually and use it on their own

How do I access the videos?

Each ALIVE season will be released on this page, and will be available for registration.  New episodes will be made available weekly, and you will receive an email reminder when new content has been posted.

Will the parish be able to monitor faith formation?

Yes!  The ALIVE parish leader portal will allow a parish/school leader to determine whether individual families are engaging in the weekly content.

Will the program effectively reach multiple age groups?

Yes.  While it is impossible to perfectly engage every type of personality and age, the goal of this resource is to have the family learning at the same time and having time together in faith formation.  Additional aids will be provided for early elementary children such as coloring pages and activity ideas.

What is the role of the parish?

1. Provide monthly encounter events for families to come together in the larger parish community.

2. The Faith Formation leader’s role now becomes to help equip and walk with parents.

  • Participate as a family?
  • Registering with your Parish?

Next Steps

1. Damascus ALIVE sessions are released on a weekly basis and may be accessed either as a family subscription, or as a participating member of a parish group.  To register as a family, click the button below to create an account.  To register with your parish, select the “Register with your parish” heading.

2. After registering your family: join us for Season 1 of Damascus ALIVE

Register with your parish

Individual Families

To register and participate as a member of your parish, simply request your parish registration code and follow the link below.  To register and participate as an individual family, click the “Participate as a family” heading above.

Parish Leaders

ALIVE is the innovative and transformative response to family faith formation that your parish has been seeking.  If you would like to explore your options around registering as a parish or group leader, please contact  As a parish group leader, you will be able to access the group leader dashboard where you can purchase group registration for parish families, distribute invitations individually by name and email or by using customized group registration code, and monitor participant progress through their ALIVE journey.

Questions? Email